Japan Earthquake Victims are Persistent in Searching for Family and Friend

Wednesday, March 16 2011, marks day no.5 since the massive earthquake in Japan raped the island nation of all it knew. However, thousands of citizens remain hopeful and persistent in their efforts to locate lost family members and close friends. Despite the vast power outages and shortage of communication systems available to residents, hopefuls are still finding it possible to reach out to entities such as the Foreign Office for in hopes of locating a loved one who may have called in as well. While locating a relative that is still alive this long after the earthquake in Japan transpired is little to none, citizens are utilizing virtual sources to aid in their quest.

Japanese citizens living in the United States and other countries are now turning to the internet as a primary means of finding family. As the days progress, the popularity of streaming videos of distraught and concerned Japanese relatives on a mission to locate family, is increasing drastically. Many Japanese-Americans are currently living in the United States for reasons such as school and better job opportunities. As the crisis continues, so will these virtually hopeless, yet determined efforts.

Likewise, in the midst of turmoil and depression currently facing Japan, earthquake recovery teams and national residents possess the same type of hope. For the last four days, the number of fatalities has grown by eight thousand. However, Tuesday, March 15 2011, shed some light on the anticipation of finding living survivors, as two people were discovered under a mass of debris that had been washed up on Japan’s eastern shore by the deadly tsunami.

Among the thousands of members that make up the multitude of recovery teams sent out by the Japanese government, over half have been assigned to walk and search Japan’s shores for any indication or sign of human life. Within these efforts, teams have been ordered to listen out for sounds, be on the look for movement and search all forms of barricades that may appear as a shelter for human life.

Evacuees and survivors alike are still being reunited with one another as they seek medical attention and necessities for survivals at hospitals and shelters. In the midst of finding more victims alive, residents are also extending their help in repairing and restoring the nation they once called home. At this point, the death toll is currently above 8,000 and is expected to grow into the ten thousands by the end of the week. Bodies of the unfortunate are continuing to wash ashore; however, recovery teams still have not lost sight of the mission to find as many survivors as possible. Japan is now approaching the core of a disaster like no other. The silence enveloping the earthquake stricken nation of Japan has been compared to the “stopping of the world” – maybe in an attempt to gather and accept the reality of what has taken place.

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